Nuevos Institutos de Tecnología Estratégica Espacial EE.UU.

La Fuerza Espacial de EE. UU. ha otorgado acuerdos de cooperación a la Universidad Texas A&M y la Universidad de Cincinnati para financiar investigación y desarrollo de tecnología relacionados con operaciones en el espacio por hasta $37,6 millones y $11,5 millones, respectivamente. Los premios se ejecutarán durante un período de ejecución de cinco años. Sus proyectos se centran en mejorar la movilidad, la logística y el reabastecimiento en el espacio.

The U.S. Space Force has awarded cooperative agreements to Texas A&M University and University of Cincinnati to fund research and technology development related to In-Space Operations for up to $37.6 million and $11.5 million, respectively. The awards will be executed over a five-year period of performance.

Texas A&M will lead a team consisting of University of Texas Austin, University of Southern California, Purdue University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of New Mexico, University of Texas El Paso, Prairie View A&M University, and Southwest Research Institute. Their projects are focused on enhancing in-space mobility, logistics and replenishment, and to develop new capabilities such as novel refueling, passive debris protection for satellites, and improved in-space support infrastructure.

Similarly, University of Cincinnati will lead a team consisting of Clemson University, University of Arizona, Sierra Lobo Inc., Vehicle Systems Integrated LLC, Robots in Space LLC, and Chaparral Machine Works, and will be working on developing robotic servicing systems, enabling technologies and operations concepts that will support improvement across a range of logistics and servicing capabilities.

These efforts will help enable infusion of new technologies into industrial efforts and government laboratories to help direct Space Force technology development and promote workforce development in this crucial, and complex, area. All of these efforts stand as examples of the USSF’s commitment to the sustainable and responsible use of space.

About Space Strategic Technology Institutes

The United States Space Force, in partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory, is establishing Space Strategic Technology Institutes to address space Science and Technology challenges through a network of partnered universities. Space Force envisions the institutes will facilitate and focus joint applied research on transformational space domain technology breakthroughs and developments that lead to the advancement of capabilities that can be transitioned and integrated into current and future USSF and U.S. government space capabilities. It is highly desired for the research to lead to testbeds, high fidelity modeling and simulations, demonstrations, and prototypes. The research is expected to transition technology to higher technology readiness levels throughout the period of performance, and out years will be awarded based on an evaluation of this ability. A link to the RFI solicitation is available here.