Herramientas para una IA confiable en el Reino Unido y EE.UU.

La investigación de RAND identificó más de 230 herramientas para una IA confiable. Se espera que los resultados y objetivos deseables de los sistemas de IA sean seguros , transparentes y permitan la rendición de cuentas y la privacidad.

Over the years, there has been a proliferation of frameworks, declarations and principles from various organisations around the globe to guide the development of trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI). These frameworks articulate the foundations for the desirable outcomes and objectives of trustworthy AI systems, such as safety, fairness, transparency, accountability and privacy. However, they do not provide specific guidance on how to achieve these objectives, outcomes and requirements in practice. This is where tools for trustworthy AI become important. Broadly, these tools encompass specific methods, techniques, mechanisms and practices that can help to measure, evaluate, communicate, improve and enhance the trustworthiness of AI systems and applications.

Against the backdrop of a fast-moving and increasingly complex global AI ecosystem, this study mapped UK and US examples of developing, deploying and using tools for trustworthy AI. The research also identified some of the challenges and opportunities for UK–US alignment and collaboration on the topic and proposes a set of practical priority actions for further consideration by policymakers. The report’s evidence aims to inform aspects of future bilateral cooperation between the UK and the US governments in relation to tools for trustworthy AI. Our analysis also intends to stimulate further debate and discussion among stakeholders as the capabilities and applications of AI continue to grow and the need for trustworthy AI becomes even more critical.

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